Assistance with Taxation

VAT Consultancy services

  • VAT advisory service
    We offer relevant advisory services according to the industry needs to find suitable solutions. We can provide VAT advice on the transactions and guide you on the taxability of the transactions and their impact.
  • VAT registration
    Tax audit refers to an independent examination of books of accounts and various tax records of a tax registrant by respective authorities in order to ensure proper compliance of tax laws and curb illicit tax practices in the economy.
  • VAT return filing service
    We provide all necessary guidance to reconcile input VAT and output VAT and the computation of tax liability will be checked based on the information to comply with the VAT law and regulations.

Documents required for VAT registration in UAE

  • Trade licence of the company
  • Certification of incorporation or registration certificate
  • Article of Association/ partnership agreement or any other document indicating business ownership.
  • Manager profile
  • Passport copy and emirates ID of manager
  • Physical office location of the business
  • Contact details
  • Bank account details and statements

List of business of the directors/ partners in UAE for the last 5 years with their trade license copies.

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